Right of withdrawal


9.a The right of withdrawal applies to natural persons, identifiable as consumers, acting
for purposes unrelated to their professional activity.  They are therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal, the purchases made by retailers and by companies and natural persons acting for related purposes to a professional activity.

9.b The only "consumer" has the right to withdraw from the contract within the period of 10 working days from receipt of the goods, returning the goods subject to withdrawal to the seller, who will refund the price of the returned goods, unless the latter has suffered damage or damage due the management of the customer, in the period of time that elapses from the receipt of the goods to the restitution of the same.

9.c To exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must contact the company PROGETTO SERVIZI s.r.l. communicating the invoice details. In case of partial withdrawal, beyond
on the purchase invoice, the customer must also communicate the item number/ the purchased
return. Within 48 hours of notification, the Consumer must send by letter registered letter or fax a written and signed declaration containing will to exercise the right to withdrawal summarizing all the above data and requested to: PROGETTO SERVIZI s.r.l., - Via per Chiari, 10/F 25030 Coccaglio (Bs).

9.d Having obtained the authorization to return the goods to the commercial unit, within 15 days, for which he has exercised the right of withdrawal, to the company Progetto Servizi s.r.l. The products must be made intact, not used, or not damaged or modified and in the original packaging. In any case packages will be picked up in cash on delivery or port assigned.