A solid
and ever-growing reality

Progetto Servizi Srl, a dynamic society that pays attention to safety in the workplace, originated in 2000 in parallel with the experience “Laboratorio Analisi chimico-cliniche Fleming Rovato Srl”.

Cornerstone of the structure are the attention and the professionalism on the customer, as proof of this in 2007 Progetto Servizi obtained an important certification “ISO 9001", in 2008 “L’accreditamento alla Regione Lombardia ai servizi di formazione”, in 2020 the certification “ISO 45001” for a path of growth still in progress.

A 360-degree service
for your company

In the company’s headquarters in Coccaglio (Brescia) there is a clinic authorised by ATS Brescia. The society carries out a targeted assistance aimed at achieving safety in the workplace predicted by d.lgs 81/08 for companies. Thanks to a highly specialized team, Progetto Servizi Srl offers a 360-degree service in the fields of Occupational Medicine, Enterprise Security and Safety training, as it is an accredited institution by Regione Lombardia for the provision of training services.

Our professionals
at your service

Staff, the best part of Progetto Servizi Srl, is composed of medical components in occupational medicine, forensics, hygienists, ergonomists, occupational psychologists, nursing staff, safety and prevention technicians, architects and engineers, health and safety manager (RSPP), consultants in the field of certification ISO and technicians in Enviromental Acoustics operating in the province of Brescia, Bergamo, Verona e Milano, but able to operate throughout northern Italy.